One of the worst experiences is an unexpected noise or warning light coming from your V-Dub. We understand that this generally happens at the worst possible time. Part of the experience we offer our clients is taking these situations and turning them around as soon as possible. Contact us however is convenient for you with any repair needs and let us get you back on the road.


A very unfortunate but real failure is that of timing belts and chains. It can be thousands of dollars worth of repair, but it can be repaired. With low mileage engines it is always best to invest in removing the cylinder head to see the extent of the damage. Valves can be replaced, along with broken belts or chains. We are willing and capable of going inside the engine and helping you make that repair decision.

The driveline components transfer engine power to the wheels and are in constant use when the vehicle is moving. Drive axles, C.V. axle boots, and drive shaft support bearings can all wear out. Often these components can be spotted prior to complete failure and repaired. If they do fail they can be replaced by us with correct O.E.M. component.

Your vehicle’s suspension is what keeps you riding in comfort. There are many different components involved in that process. Bushings, ball joints, stabilizer links, shocks, struts, and springs can all wear out or become damaged. If you feel that your car vehicle does not ride the way it used to, or you want to ride better let us know.

Part of driving is stopping. Let’s face it, brakes wear out. The good news is we offer O.E.M. quality components that your car came with and performance options as well.  We service brake systems the way they should be serviced. Complete component replacement of pads and rotors. We clean and lubricate all sliding/moving components. We replace all necessary hardware including worn boots or caps that protect the lubricated components.

The interior of your vehicle is also a place where problems occur. Be it inoperable, damaged, or leaking sunroofs,  or just a broken A/C vent,  we can correct it. Interior repair work requires detail and thoroughness. The trim pieces can be expensive or a safety concern when damaged or inappropriately installed. The inside of your car is the place designed for you. Don’t let failed/broken interior equipment, or the squeaks and rattles drive you crazy! Let us make the needed repairs.

Our vehicles have complex electrical systems. We have the factory training needed, the correct equipment, and the experience to determine the cause. Whether it’s wiring problems, a faulty ground, or a faulty control module, we can diagnose it.

The hardest problems to diagnose and repair are intermittent malfunctions. We’re here to work with you to find a course to correct the malfunction.

In the event of a serious failure of an engine or transmission, sometimes it’s cost effective to replace the component. We understand that this can create major hardship. Our vehicles are important to us and sometimes have intrinsic value that exceeds dollars. We want to get you and your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. We specialize in replacing engines and transmissions. We’ll help you evaluate the cost effectiveness of doing so. We do this by performing inspections on every vehicle that comes into our service facility. In the event you find yourself in this situation not only will you know what it will cost to quickly and correctly replace an engine or transmission, but you also know what other needs your vehicle has. If this is something that you’re experiencing let us guide you to getting back on the road.